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The eSkills Match platform bridges the gap between the skills you have and the skills you need to move your career to the next level and give you that cutting edge.

Your competences and skills are matched to a diverse and extensive list of online courses. Your ePortfolio will reach employers who are looking for professionals with your qualifications.



In the competitive market, professionals are looking for online courses to advance their career. The eSkills Match platform will match your available courses with their registered ECF competences and skills.

Reach out to candidates who are looking for tailored-made online courses and seek validation to enrich their ePortfolio.



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Mapping and validating knowledge

e-Skills Match project will provide integrated services for self-assessment of e-Skills and digital competences and further (re-) training if required as well as market certifications offered by the e-Skills platform developed. This ePortfolio solution will be a powerful tool used to record and validate your individual academic and professional assets within ICT or non-ICT sectors, thus making you competitive in the current job market.


Create and manage your ePortfolio on e Skills

Assess and analyse your digital competences

Plan your online training and apply for market certifications.


Integrated Services

e-Competences self-assessment with related outcomes formalized by graphs

e-Competences job profile training resources, including OER, MOOCS, and market certifications

e-Competences certifications based on validation procedures recognized at European level

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